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Which file types are best for making great separations?
It’s always best to leave your file in the original format in which it was created. Example: If your Photoshop file was originally created in layers, please supply us the layered file. DO NOT send Powerpoint or Microsoft Office files. They are low resolution and will not produce quality results.

What resolution should my supplied file be?
For Photoshop files, we prefer 300 dpi @ actual size. If this is not possible, please supply the file at the same resolution it was originally created, and do not up-res photoshop files; this will not improve final image quality. Please convert ALL fonts to outlines before submitting Illustrator files, and be aware that embedding or placing a Photoshop file in Illustrator DOES NOT make it vector art. We may require the original high resolution image.

Can Serichrome make separations from a jpeg?
In certain cases yes, but we don’t recommend it. The quality of jpeg files varies too much for us to guarantee acceptable results

Can Serichrome scan my original art or color transparency?
We still use high end drum scanners that provide quality and detail that no desktop scanner can match. The art must be flexible enough to wrap around the drum, and we can scan everything from a 35mm slide to as large as 21” x 25”.

Does Serichrome insure artwork for shipping damages?
It is entirely up to you to properly package original artwork and transparencies before shipping. You can insure your package to its’ estimated value when shipping via UPS, but FedEx does not insure artwork over $500 in value. If you choose not to insure your artwork, under NO circumstances is Serichrome liable for damages.

Does Serichrome need to see a color match for my digital file?
Yes, absolutely. Any color match proof you have will make our job much easier.

Can I email Serichrome my high-res file?
You can use your regular email program for files under 6 MB. For larger files, please use our yousendit link.

How quickly can Serichrome process my order?
Average turnaround is 3-5 working days, but rush services are available for an additional fee.

How long has Serichrome been in business?
We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and have produced over 100,000 sets of color separations.

Serichrome uses MACs. Does it matter if I work on a PC?
Generally speaking no, there should be no cross-platform compatibility issues.

I operate a boutique letterpress business. Does Serichrome still produce film negatives?
Yes, our imagesetter produces negatives with a density of 4.2 or higher, and we image files as large as 21.5” x 29.5”..

Has anyone at Serichrome ever been in a Turkish prison?
That information is still classified.

What’s the difference between traditional four color process and simulated process?
Traditional four color process inks are transparent, and the inks used for simulated process are opaque.

What, um, do you like this gig?
Yes, we love our job.

What time is beer-thirty?
It’s always 4 o’clock somewhere..


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